How did it start? : my eyes.

So what was wrong with my eyes that in the end even made me go to the ER: When I looked down I saw double. When looking to the left I had a strongly pronounced nystagmus which is the medical term for an uncontrollable muscle movement. So whenever I looked to the left my eyes started shaking horizontally. Same when I looked to the right just not as severe. I couldn't follow fast movements. My brain processed everything my eyes saw a little slower so I saw everything slightly later to when it actually happened and when the things around me had sudden changes in speed the pictures even overlapped. And then sometimes especially in low light things around me like the trees for example were in an infinite left to right loop, probably caused by another nystagmus triggered from overload. Also my vision was more blurry than usual and I also saw double in the distance. And my field of vision was limited. And then at the end of the day when I laid down for some reason my eyes started shaking so bad I got sick to my stomach. And in general, this dysfunction of my vision (or the processing of my vision) caused a lot of problems. You know when you drank HEAVILY and you wake up the next morning still drunk but also hungover. You're super dizzy, feel kinda sick.. I mean you know that feeling. That's how I felt non-stop for more than a week until I finally got treatment. As of today I still got a mild nystagmus when looking to the left. I still see double when looking down, the 2 pictures I see just aren't as "far away" from each other as they used to so the double picture isn't that distracting now. The processing of movement is still slower than it should be and my field of vision is still limited. And at the end of an exhausting day I kind of lose control over my eyes and they suddenly start moving in random directions for a few seconds before I get them to focus again. And all of this because my immune system randomly severely damaged the area in my brain that processes my vision. https://www.instagram.com/p/Chkp8tGKtFO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=