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Fatigue and lack of appetite

I am fairly new to the MS world. I was diagnosed nearly a year ago but have been largely in denial until recently! I don't know about anyone else, I guess we are all different, but the fatigue seems to come over me in waves. I've just gone 6 weeks feeling really good (more tired than I used to be but able to function relatively normally), and then 3 or 4 days ago the fatigue hit me like a steam train - quite out of the blue. When this happens I find I have no appetite, and that is not like me! I also get forgetful, which is making work an absolute nightmare. I forgot a client's name yesterday when making an introduction - my mind when completely and utterly blank. It was so embarrassing. I'm pretty sure all of this is connected to the MS/fatigue, but I was just wondering if this is common with anyone else. Although I try and stay positive I get really down when I go through a spell like this.

Yup I get fatigue too. I still bike about but Somerset a 20min cycle takes me over an hour! My legs give way fairly often too. I never have any appetite and have to remember to eat!


Somerset ? That should be Sometimes!