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Anxiety! starting BetaSeron Injections!

I'm new on here! I'm 37 tomorrow. My biological mother had MS and passed 14 yrs ago. I didnt know much about it. She was in pain all the time. On to me now, I start BetaSeron Injections soon. I have been waiting on a nurse to come to my home for training. Im scared of side effects. I also have started really exercising and just now started feeling better since my last flare that diagnosed me in May. (right side of face, tongue, hand, vision and balance loss, trembles) accepting that I have MS has been challenging. I was finally at a point in my life I had figured out what I wanted to do and be. My goals and plans where coming together and then MS really happened and crushed my plans and finances. So now Its one day at a time and I have to focus on my dream of opening my own tattoo studio. Has anyone had experience with BetaSeron Injections. What should I expect?? I have moments Im okay and then moments I just cry because Im so scared about what may happen!