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Alcohol and cladribine

I have been quiet on this site for a while as I had to make a decision on what DMT to take and wanted to clear my head. I have highly active RRMS and this week I started on Cladribine I have not had any side effects or adverse feelings yet at all so I’m pleased about that I’m almost week one done and on Friday am off out to a Christmas do this is the final day this week that I will be taking my tablets but wondered if I would be alright to drink a couple glasses of wine or if I should avoid alcohol until the weeks course is fully over. Does anyone know? Every time I put it in a search engine there doesn’t seem to be any info about alcohol and cladribine any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance x

@wendyhills , "alcohol should be kept to a minimum or avoided" is the message that I see, e.g.:- http://chemocare.com/chemotherapy/drug-info/cladribine.aspx


@stumbler thank you x