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Choice between Interferon beta

Hi everyone! I am a newly diagnosed member with MS, Secondary Type, since the end of September 2018. I saw the doctor in December and they have approved the Interferon beta injectable medication but I believe I will need to choose from Avonex, Extavia, Plegridy, Rebif. I have the appointment with the nurse in UCLH in London on the 10th of January. Could any of you tell me if you were in a similar situation and what would you choose? Thank you in advance!! Valina ;)

Hi @val31 and welcome. I'm afraid that something does not add up in my mind. The NHS do not have any approved Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) for Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS). Anyway, the betaferons are the first line, and least effective, DMTs. I have to question the diagnosis of SPMS, if DMTs are being considered. In any event, the latest rationale is to hit MS hard and fast, with the most efficacious DMTs, rather than starting slowly and waiting for further symptoms before moving up. Sorry to pose so many questions at a worrying time for you. But, we can help you understand and query the statements being provided to you. :wink:


I, like@stumbler am confused. Was on Beta-Inferon for 23 years, started to get a lot worse 18 mths ago and was changed to Tecfidera cos the Avonex was no longer working. Tecfidera was a second line medication, and I can't understand them giving you Avonex if they have dxd you with spms. Worth investigating and asking questions?