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Severe stomach pain

Has anyone else experienced severe abdominal pain requiring you to go to hospital? I’ve had a lot of tests and even surgery to find out the problem but nothing is coming back. I was just wondering has anyone else ever experienced this type of issue: severe bloating, inability to eat, nausea, vomiting, unable to pass stools. I have severe elvoving relapsing remitting MS and was on Tysbri up till 3 months ago when I stopped due to personal/ family issues.

I had similar issues with all of the tests and minor surgery to go along with it and no answers. Started August '21 and out of the blue stopped July '22. Not sure what caused it to go away but I pray that yours will go away too.


Yes I had the same, but it was due to the medication I was on, have since cut the medication and went on the ms hope diet, instantly the problems went away for me... I hope you find the culprit as well