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New diagnosis. Just in time for the new year!

Hello I've incredibly recently (yesterday) finally been given a diagnosis of MS after the best part of two years waiting on on scans, neurologists and needle work. It's not an ideal end to the year but at least I know now what I'm dealing with. I'm a little bit lost to be honest and wondered if anyone had any ideas of where to start on this new journey? Everyone that knows in real life has been incredibly supportive but I don't want this to define me or be known as "that fella with MS" (That bit isn't relevant but important for me to write down). Does anyone have any advice on dealing with people that treated them differently after a diagnosis? Thank you in advance Tom.

Hi! Sorry to hear the news but congratulations on finally getting answers. I wish you luck on your search- I am also new to the disease so I’m afraid I can’t offer much help yet 🥲


There is comfort in knowing that “it” has a name and now you can focus on the correct type of treatment. I too am sorry about the diagnosis, and rather lengthy time required to get an answer. It is a new journey, and even YOU will treat you differently, because you must. First thing is give yourself time to figure out what are the things that you must do differently today in order to make your life manageable. Then you can start to educate others around you about what is happening. Remember, this disease doesn’t seem to have a pace or a speed. It is different for each person. We are like snowflakes, truly flaky. No 2 are alike in the MS experience. Some people have distinct relapses, others don’t. I would say almost everyone will treat you “differently”, some will treat you better, others may come around less often. Over time, you can form your own opinion about their reaction. Last word for now: don’t PUSH yourself to continually show everyone that you are FINE. So much of MS can be invisible—but when someone has a cast on their body, everyone around them immediately knows that they are hurt and treats them accordingly. You have to remember that others can’t see what you are feeling and can’t know for what periods of time you feel it! Looking back, I should have let others know when I was having a rough time…should have probably asked for some help at work earlier. I. Was dx in 2005 and kept working until it became impossible in 2020. So, that was a good long period of time. I knew when it was time to make a change and God helped me through that period of time. Welcome to this group of MSers. We are happy to ring in a NEW YEAR with you and offer you the best encouragement you can find online!