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Recently joined, CIS, hate the tingling!

Hello, I posted recently to introduce myself, thank you to those that replied! I'm 45 with a diagnosis of CIS, more MRI scans and neurologist follow-up coming in Sept and Nov. I understand from this excellent forum that I am in Limboland and that I should have been offered a DMT. My main question today is what can I do about the permanent tingling in my hands, legs and feet?!! This is one of my main symptoms. It seems such a trivial thing when my mum asks how I am and I say oh I have bad pins and needles today, but when it's always there and in particular my feet are warm and then cold at the moment, it's not funny! Hope everyone in the UK is having a good Bank Holiday BTW! Sarah



Hi - I'm also in limbo-land, MS rather than CIS, but no treatment yet or diagnosis of type. The tingling thing is really annoying. I'm not sure what you can do about it really (sorry, no help really am I ?). I do anything I can to distract myself. I think some people find tight fitting clothes helpful (I can't stand it though!!)



This is one of the frustrating symptoms of MS. It's like an itch you can't scratch! There's some details about this symptom here, together with suggestions about what to do about it:- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/altered-sensations



I'm only recently diagnosed but I've had the tingling you talk about for years on and off, along with several other strange sensations on and under my skin. I've always thought everyone got them, it's only recently I've realised that isn't the case! I can't offer any advice I'm afraid but you've got my sympathy. Hope you get sorted with a DMT soon. X



ive got it in my thigh and I actually find loose clothing or soft clothing better... Jeans rubbing on my thighs is harsher.. I like that it's summer because shorts seem to be the best - but that's just me!



I've had fun(!) this evening with stabbing pains in my right knee, which causes a babinski reflex in my foot!!