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Copaxone CSYNC Autoinjector

Hey there everyone, so I have recently been diagnosed and put on copaxone, with the medication arriving tomorrow. I also have the CSYNC autoinjector in my drawer, ready to go. If anyone is using, or has used it, I have a few questions. I did not get an appointment with the nurse to show me how to use it, so I have been relying on resources she has sent me. Fair enough, it is covid-19 season, after all. Though these resources do not cover everything. My question is, what depth do I use to inject myself? - It is in millimetres, and depends on the site and how much subcutaneous tissue/fat you have stored there. But I am currently going to be injecting blindly, and I am no fan of needles anyway, let alone with no guidance. Wouldn't want to inject too shallow with the medication coming out, nor inject too deep and feel pain... I think I would rather inject into my abdomen rather than anywhere else, if that helps. Do you guys have any suggestions, or links, or anything at all, regarding depth of injection?

Hi. I Used to Copaxone and I found it easier to use a deeper injection for the stomach area (10mm) lower for the arms and hips (4mm) and mid for the legs (6mm). You can't see the needle and the worst is a little nip. Worked really well and I hope it works well for you.


Yes piper knows what’s up. Just think of it as a morning espresso shot that wakes u up in the morning with stomach rubs as a prep for breakfast. Best buds.