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How long did your diagnosis take?

Here's the thing, although I am actually really pleased to finally have a diagnosis of 'mild' RRMS I am really angry about how long it has taken. It is 8 years since I first went to the GP after suffering what I now know to be my first really obvious relapse. The delay in diagnosis was not for want of trying - or of relapses for that matter. Not that this is a competition, but how long did it take for other people to get the correct diagnosis? I am curious because I feel like I have waited a ludicrously long time. I even remember telling my GP about 5 years ago that I would have to give up my career because the pain and sleep disturbance was unbearable - fat lot of good it did me. Now I have no career and bear all the signs of mental trauma from the repeated denial of my reality by those from whom I sought help. I am not a negative person but this really screwed with my mind, not to mention my body! I'd love to hear from others who know what I am on about. I know my story must be fairly typical. Thanks in advance.