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Aggressive Onset Multiple Sclerosis

I have aggressive onset multiple sclerosis. It's crippling in every way!! It's not an option to pick when you get asked what kind you have. When you put it in a search engine, it brings up stuff about automotive!!! Some call it end stage or malignant. I'm 55, live in an assisted living home. Most of the medical staff do not get it. Of course I am the youngest person here by 25 to 40 years! One person even said you shouldn't be here and you don't belong in a nursing home. I don't know where you belong! I was diagnosed at 54, but have been sick on and off my entire life. They said some of my lesions are so old. Probably started around 19/20 years of age. One doctor even asked if I was beaten at home because women like me are crying out for help. I kept telling the doctor how I felt, no answers. I stopped trying to find out what was wrong with me. One doctor even said I have lupus. So when I was diagnosed, my primary doctor said" did I miss something?". I had just accepted i was someone who got sick easy, and found reasons for all the other! I've lost family because of my disease. I feel isolated and lonely. I try every day to be positive and complete things(paperwork, calls). Before I know it, it's the end of the day and i haven't completed or done anything. I ask myself is it the ms or is it because I have no stimulation from being in the world. When I get to leave here, I feel more normal and alive. I am on a list for disability appt but that could take forever!!

@susan_long-benson Hi and welcome to the club 😀 I've read the other post you made. So I thought you can do with a little frivolity... Try and not smile 😀 https://youtu.be/1Pu1adxqUAg