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HPV Vaccine and Multiple Sclerosis link?

I have recently been reading into the HPV vaccine in the school system. Now that I have been diagnosed with Ms my concern is triggering something in my daughter's immune system due to this vaccine. I feel like auto immune issues are strong in my family as now a 72 year old uncle has just been diagnosed with ALS. I am by no means against the required vaccinations but for some reason this HPV vaccine is not sitting right with me. In my mind I have decided to opt out of the HPV vaccine for my daughter but would appreciate the view point of other people with Ms in regards to this? Perhaps I'm googling to much but the vaccine can be linked with demyelinating diseases and auto immune conditions.

I would definitely opt out of the HPV vaccine, your family history sounds like mine. You don't want to activate her genetic components for ALS or MS. Friend of my husband has his daughter vaccinated and it triggered something in her immune system and went through the whole gambit of symptoms of MS. They told them when she was at her worse that they thought she was developing ALS and didn't have long to live. She did manage to live and the immune disease symptoms are gone but she now has epilepsy that is hard to manage. She has a service dog with her at all times. Potter


Yeah I think I am going to opt out, I am not against the MMR or the Hep B vaccine but really not a fan of this HPV shot. Thanks for the advice on it!