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Advice on lesions!!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well? I have a question that the internet cannot provide answers to so I have turned to you lot the true experts! I am having a relapse and now will fit criteria for HSCT as long as my MRI shows new lesions, I have an MRI booked through the NHS at the end of the month however I'm a little worried because in the past I have heard that sometimes lesions can appear and then heal themselves before an MRI, therefore won't show up on the scan! The criteria of HSCT is that I have to have new lesions and so was thinking I could get a scan privately even though it would cost me the earth!! I was just wondering if anyone knew how long roughly lesions take to heal or if they can heal as I don't want to waste a load of money for no reason! I hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for your help it is much appreciated 👍 #leisons #HSCT #Relapse

Using YouTube look for “HSCT for MS” a VLOG by Chris Weasley who got to it through the NHS, it’s not dry and a good insight


Lesions as the Scarring (Sclerosis) caused by MS. They don't fully heal as they leave Scars that are picked up on MRIs.