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Traveling by car with Kesimpta

Hi all, I started my treatment with Kesimpta last December and this summer I am planning travel with it in my car while enjoying some days of holidays. However, I am not sure how tricky this could be. I been told that I need a fridge for my car, so the medicine remains between 2-8C all the time. I have been reviewing different options but either they're really expensive, or too small to store the Kesimpta box (apparently it can't be stored without it) or designed for a different purpose than store medicines (and therefore not reliable). I was wondering if someone has travel several days by car with this medication (or a similar one) and could advise me on the best way of doing it to be sure everything is ok. Thanks!

Hi can you speak to your nurse about this? In my CCG area they contract out for a Kesimpta nurse for the first 12 months of treatment. Can’t recall the name of the company now. The nurse I have just told me would need to store it with an ice pack in an insulated bag or cool box. Have you tried calling the manufacturers helpline?


Plan your time away for different time !…b4 or after jab ?…save on fridge or cooling expense