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Dating and being single

Well now here's one we've all likely come up against. I've been single a wee while now and got to thinking about the implications of dating. First off is the 'married a carer' problem, where you find a perfectly reasonable life partner and everything goes well and you put them in an awful lurch when they end up becoming your carer and not your spouse. So that'd put me off dating, leave me single and miserable and solve no problems. But then you get the other problem - who would love an MSer? Plenty as it turns out. As long as you know how to disclose. Online dating is a complete minefield in this respect. And of course, this is MS, so every so often you have to try and remember who the heck you are. Easily forgotten, especially for me. Neurologist next week, so maybe I'll ask :D Dating though - whom shall I marry? The dating agencies tend to only go for people who have jobs (aka not me) and I can't really afford them anyway with the circumstances I'm in. I can forget about rent and living alone. Mortgage? Not likely. I suppose the realites can easily begin to sound like pessimism. How then do we prove Chuck Palahniuk wrong? Any dating site recommendations? I'm on Bumble, OkC, PoF, Tinder and Happn. So far, nothing back yet.
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