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Deciding treatment

Hi everyone, I had my first appointment about treatment today. Eventually I will go onto Ocrevus once i’ve had the coronavirus vaccine. But for now they have offered me Copaxone or Plegridy. Any one have any positive experiences with either or these? All I can find is negative reviews! Thanks ☺️

I took copaxone it was one needle every day very easy to use. I really liked it because i found it part of my daily rutine and i could do everything i had done before im not sure about the other needle theyre offering you. I ened up having to start taking gilenya because the copaxone wasn't doing as well of a job as the doctors wanted and it was giving me indents and i was getting sure injectting the meds in almost every spot u can do it in. Will that was a long explination but thought it might be helpfull to know my full experiance of the drug.😜


@Sarahemily , there's some tags that have been added automatically to the foot of your post above. Selecting the "Copaxone" or "Plegridy" tags will locate all previous mention of these two treatments.