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Can disabled be sexy?

**shallow person alert ** Hello peeps having a major self confidence crisis.. i would say i used to be attracrive and confident ( dabbled in modelling over the years) but the past 5 years and relapses i have got noticibly much worse to the point my colleagues comment on my walking,, obviously my confidence and my self esteem is at rock bottom leading me to wonder will anyone find me attractive ever again? I know this is so shallow and pretty unimportant in scheme of things but im struggling with thie new version of me forgive me 😪

**even shallower person alert ** @Ropehoney1 I'd say hell yes 😊 I'm convinced I'm even more lovely and confident (if that was even possible 🙃) since I got diagnosed with MS and became disabled 🙄 So you go and get em gal 😎


That made me smile so thankyou for that 😊