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Numbness & Pins and Needles

I've been suffering from really servely numbness from my waste down for a few weeks since starting my tecfidera medication I stopped taking it and it started to get better and getting my feelings back and now it's gotten worse again... I have really bad back pain when now it's started to affect my walking as its feels as though the bottoms of my spine in being squeezed, the numbness is in my feet all the way up to my waist, i can't feel myself going for a wee or the other, also no control of my bladder either, if I feel as though I need to go, then I NEED TO GO... It's starting to get to me now as I'm getting worried as if is it going to stop my from walking completely?? I've stood on things and don't even know as its that numb... It's such a struggle to get dressed and put footwear on too as can't really bend down it hurts so much... No painkillers getting rid of it... My MS nurse is absolutely USELESS!! She contradicts herself, she's never in the office, always away on holiday like now can't get good of her until a week Monday! And she's the only nurse in my city who deals with MS!! I'm just asking you all if any of you have suffered this numbness this bad, does it get better, is there anything I can do or take to make it slightly better?? Thanks in advance ?