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How am I supposed to cope with waiting a year to find out if I have MS

I have been told I may have MS but after seeing a neurologist he told me I need to wait a year before having another MRI scan. I don’t feel I can talk to anyone (I’ve told a couple of old friends…one who has Parkinson’s and was very understanding. I feel I’m slipping into a depression with the heavy weight of this. Not sure how to cope. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I have no real advice. Waiting is the worst. It is limbo. I found the time of waiting really hard. Wishing you all the best. You will get through it 💪.


@Poppetkara I'm not sure I understand. The purpose of the MRI should have been to confirm that you have MS. Did they mention a lumbar puncture as well? Yes, they only do MRIs annually but I would either go back and ask for confirmation or get a second opinion. I went for 8 years being undiagnosed with MS, so I would pester and get someone to take notice. The longer they leave it, the more damage could be done and no-one wants that. Make a fuss with your MS healthcare professionals, if that doesn't work then pester your GP.