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Hi all. Was just wondering if anyone has acquired any CBD products either on NHS of from private places such as the private clinics, or even the site CBD brothers, As I heard it can even help to stop progression of MS! I was recommended CBD brothers online, but they cannot give advice on what products to purchase for MS, so I have no idea of what to purchase. In the past I’ve tried oil from Holland and Barrett and some capsules. But they did nothing, because that kind of legal over the counter stuff is not strong or pure enough. Did nothing for me, any suggestions or advice I’d be most grateful. Or if you have had a positive experience would love to hear, Thankyou.

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Hi @Pinkyx I’ve used CBD brothers for quite a while now and tbh always found them reliable. I’ve tried lots of the different strains from them but for me personally the purple hybrid edition seems to work best e.g. https://cbdbrothers.com/product/purple-edition-cbd-oil/