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MS fatigue!

I'm experiencing a very strong fatigue, if I work for half a day I have to rest after and can't do much. I'm on Ocrevus and I'm willing to try some Lion's mane extract to see if it helps with my fatigue. I wonder if anyone has some experiences to share, also I'm a bit scared of drug interaction but I need to do something about this fatigue. Vit B and D supplementation is not enough.

As I can see, you prefer alternative medicine... You can try antidepressants (ssri or snri) - working as neurotransmitters and not for the mood. I ve tried severe drugs, but it was by far the best solution for me


Thank you! I'll see if I find anything natural that works for me before I try any drugs, specially if side effects is insomnia! but thanks for letting me know what works for you, if I need to go that way maybe I'll try what you mentioned. I'm starting intermittent fasting today and I'll see how that goes...