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Opinions on Tysabri

Hello all, I’m recently diagnosed with MS, it’s a bit of a relief to get a diagnosis if I’m honest. It ties up a few strange loose ends and means I don’t have prostate cancer or a brain tumour! I have had several MRIs, second one was brain and spine with dye and it was after that that I got my full diagnosis. My Neuro consultant has recommended ‘Tysabri’ as an infusion treatment. I’ll basically lose a day every four weeks to travelling into London and treatment, but hopefully will be able to live a pretty normal life around that. I wondered if people had experience of Tysabri, or of having treatment at St George’s, Tooting. Many thanks Olly

I’m at George’s and they’re great in the infusions lounge. Not on tysabri though so can’t help you there. Feel free to DM with any other questions