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Steroids - Crap Gap - Ocrevus

Hi all, my son is due his 3rd full Ocrevus infusion at the beginning of February but is currently really poorly and going through the “crap gap” - debilitating fatigue, nausea, cog fog etc. has anyone here felt the crap gap and has anyone been treated with steroids to help them until the infusion is arranged? xxx

Hi there! I have been on Ocrevus for almost a year, and the crap gap has been real for me. I get extremely tired, nauseous, and start feeling more symptoms overall than usual. It's usually about a month and a half until my next infusion. I haven't been treated with steroids for it. I usually just hold onto hope knowing that the Ocrevus infusion is coming up. I also don't tolerate the steroid infusions so well, so I kind of try to stay away from those as much as I can. His doctor might be able to give you more advice on if a steroid infusion might be necessary! :)


Hi, thanks for your message. I managed to get a message to his Neuro but he wasn’t really interested - he just said they were going to discuss his case at their MDT on Tuesday. No advice. :(