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Muscle Spasticity

I'm suffering with chronic muscle spasticity and wondered if it's considered as a relapse. It started in November 2014 as a diagnosis of tendinitis but lately I have tried muscle relaxants and the pain eased off dramatically but not completely. I have been on Diazepam lately which came up with the muscle spasticity theory as my pain virtually disappeared. I can't obviously take them all the time so I have been given Baclofen as a lighter muscle relaxant instead. Baclofen helps for a while with Paracetamol & Tramadol but not enough that I can return happerly to work as it doesn't take long to wear off. So would a course of steroids help me and should I push my MS nurse of some because she is adamant it's not a relapse but I'm otherwise convinced it would help.

@MrVelocity , you need to push your MS Nurse because the present solutions are not resolving the problem. However, I'm not sure that steroids would be the answer either. They would specifically address any areas on inflammation on you Central nervous System (CNS), which would be relapse activity. So, if it's not a relapse, the steroids wouldn't really help. Have a read through this :- http://www.mssociety.org.uk/what-is-ms/types-of-ms/relapsing-remitting-rrms and see if you fit within this definition of a relapse. The acid test would be an MRI scan with contrast........


Also worth a try, diet under the inspiration of this doctor who overcame many symptoms of MS,& lots of info here if you wish to look at, also on youtube ,just type her name in http://terrywahls.com/about/