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Weird Dizziness/Sensory Overload?

I started Gilenya almost a year ago and although I've had dizziness/vertigo in the past...this is weird and hard to explain. This happened 6 weeks into treatment... And having been on betaseron for 15 years with not many relapses. I'm thinking this weird feeling might be a sensory overload kind of thing. I could be feeling fairly normal and I walk into a grocery store and I suddenly feel like I'm in a funhouse. Everything gets fuzzy...it looks warped... My voice seens shakey, my eyes feel weird and I feel dizzy and like I'm going to fall over and I feel like I need to leave IMMEDIATELY. I was never like this. I even got this way in church on Easter. What in the world is going on? I've never actually fallen over...yet. It's really crazy because I love going places and seeing new things and now I have in the back of my head....is this going to happen every time I go somewhere?

Hi @minuit85 , this subject was highlighted just recently, https://shift.ms/forums/topic/going-shopping . It might be worthwhile checking with your medical team, to see that there aren't any "normal, non-MS problems" that are causing this issue for you.


Thanks Stumbler, Yes, I've thought about possibly making an appt. with an ENT to make sure it's not an inner ear issue or something. It's just really weird and at times debilitating when I can't do the things that were once no thought at all. Thanks again for the input.