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Sick & Tired of being Sick &Tired

Just spent over a week in the hospital with an exacerbation/relapse with my MS. After7,000mg of steroids and getting my pain under control. I finally got to go home. I haven’t been home almost 2’weeks and have yet to be able to leave my house. Since my hospitalization I have been very easily overstimulated or overwhelmed. Causing me to have what feels like a panic attack, I start shaking, can’t control my breathing and I starting crying uncontrollably. Yesterday I had one so bad I had to call my husband home from work. I have no idea what this is or what even causes it to happen. This is something new, a new symptom? Or what? Am I the only one? I’m get sick &tired of being sick & tired. I feel no one understands but my husband and my daughters….. I’m ready to be myself again.

Hey @Meldon99 I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I think the same happened to me and I am not sure the cause. I think it might’ve been MS related because it seemed to come out to nowhere - I’d had to go to hospital and they said they thought an ms symptom had caused a panic attack but a couple of weeks later I went through a couple of weeks of feeling intensely like you describe - always on the verge of panic, emotional tearful and very on edge. Eventually it settled down and went away but I do still feel sensitised to it - the only things that helped me was really exposure and keep forcing myself to keep doing what i could even whilst feeling that way. i think our nervous systems get on high alert and takes time to settle down. i did get a few diazepam from the doc which helped slightly now and again. mostly i started meditation, breathwork, and movement stretching, theres some helpful podcasts too and i recommend the book hope and help for your nerves claire weekes. feel free to dm x