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The MS hug! Advice please.

Hi everyone, Looking for some advice. I have the MS hug on my left side everyday with added lower back pain! (Lesion on my T6 spine too) Some days are worse than others. I’m on Kesimpta injections monthly and take Naproxen and Baclofen twice daily. With no ease. Is there anything you do to help improve this? Thanks

Hey 👋 I also get MS hugs but mine is all around my waist. I too have lower back pains and lesions with spinal cord damage, I take baclofen and Nortriptylines at night


@Firey mines is pressure on the left side of my torso it’s like being pushed up against something then lower back pain dull aches. I have Baclofen but I’ve felt no improvement just more fatigue. What is Nortriptylines?