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I was just wondering how MS numbness works. Are there only particular body parts that get numb? Is it only for a certain time period? The reason I ask is that the top of my hand has been completely numb for the past hour or so without improving, I have a little bit of pins and needles too- like a weird itchy feeling almost, and I don't know if that's a new MS symptom, or if I've just leant on it oddly and it's taking a while for the feeling to come back.

Definitely continue to monitor. In my experience I’ve had numbness last for a day and other times it lasted for weeks. The tingly pins and needles feeling is not uncommon either. Everyone’s experience is different but it’s a good idea to note what you feel and you can bring it up to your Ms nurses and neurologist.


If it is the same as a tingly feeling my is constant smh in my feet 👣