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Hello! What a great find this place is!

Just joined up and read about 30 posts! It’s great to hear both sides of the coin. I can relate to a lot of things that has been written. I’m a newbie with relapse remitting and going through my first relapse and it’s scary as hell! BUTTTTTT I will not let this beat me. Ms nurse and consultant are looking to get me onto DMTs asap. My main symptoms are numbness and tingling in my legs and a “dead torso”. Feels stuck and if someone punched me, I wouldn’t know! What a great find this site is. Thankyou to those who set it up. I’m an open book so always happy to talk or listen. Speak to some of you soon :)

Nice to meet you! I’m a newbie too, diagnosed last month with RRMS. Happy to chat and work out how to muddle through this as a fellow newbie! ☺️


Hello, been on the site for a few months but was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. I agree that this site is brilliant and informative. I hope you're doing OK. It's a lot to take in x