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Hi, this has only happened a few times so haven’t spoken to anyone about it, it’s happening right now so thought would ask for advice on here. The back of my head has gone numb but today I feel it’s coming down round under my chin as well. Has anyone had this? I am on daily injections and do have numbness down my left side most of the time specially arm and hand. Thank you 😊

About 2 months ago the whole right side of my chin went numb, slightly under my neck as well. It is the worst numbness I have had. It lasted that way for about 3 weeks then slowly faded. It hasn't gone completely though. I still feel it every so often but it is mild in comparison and fleeting. I also had (around the same time) tingling in the back of my head and really bad neck spasms. I also felt like that whole part of my head was going to explode with the amount of pressure in the area. This sounds kind of similar to what you have had. I am not sure if it will help.


Yes! I have numbness that can come and go regularly. Mine is usually on the tops of my thighs and it’s not complete numbness, but more like the sensation when you’ve had an ice pack on for an extended amount of time (without the cold obviously). It doesn’t keep me from functioning regularly, but I still hate the feeling. Especially because I always wonder - is this just another a random thing or the start of a relapse? I get it!! Keep an eye on how long it lasts and tell your doc about it! And keep fighting 💪🏻