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It's been a while!

Hi! Just thought I'd check in to update on my life in general, and ask a few wee things... So I had a super stressful year from 2020-21. I was doing teacher training and kept hitting barriers where I felt so undafe and at risk from COVID whilst on placements. It was looking like all would be OK, but then I had a horrible mentor and she would make me stressed and worried even though I could not possibly do anything more than I already was. I was coming home and crying most days and I just thought; "This can't be good for my physical health, since it's not doing any favours for my mental health". From there, I decided to leave teacher training and pursued a new path in local government and politics. It is one of the hardest but best decisions I think I've ever made. I now work from home and feel confident and trusting of my employer with regards to any health things that might pop up. I feel so much happier and I've watched my resting heart rate fall back to a healthier level via an app on my phone. I only hope I can continue in a working from home role after my year's contract is up, as it works really well for me. And the fact that it is flexible working too - appointments, lunches, late working, longer lies - it's all OK with this job, as long as I everything th at needs to be done gets done. The only thing I'm wondering is... I've not had any contact with a neurologist or MS nurse since January 2020. I feel great in myself and have no worries about my health. But I wonder how often you should have an MRI? My last one showed NEDA. To be honest, I'm not sure I want to lie in that tube or visit any hospital for fear I might get Covid. I've managed to dodge it so far and I'm double vaxxed and boosted. I rarely go anywhere, and I always take a Lateral Flow test before I do anything. But my medical review drivers license expires this October and I don't know what to do about that because I assume I'll need a letter from a neurologist to get that updated. I don't even think I need a medical review license. Any ideas folks? Hope you're all doing okay ♥

Hi! Glad to hear your health has been well! Lifestyle choices make such a huge difference!! I can only speak on behalf of the healthcare system where I am in Canada not Scotland but they do a great job protecting patients to prevent the spread of Covid. So please do not avoid Health assessments based on fear of Covid. Here we are more likely to pick up a virus at the grocery store than any diagnostic or doctor clinic. As for MRI. I got every two years now things are stable as I chose not to go on treatment yet. You could always ask to connect with the neurologist or nurse by phone appointment too. Hope all continues to go well with your health and new career path!