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My MS-iversary

This is a little something I wrote for my social media today and I thought I would post it here as well. This is purely written from my experience and not meant to invalidate people who are struggling with their diagnosis. Posts like these are part of my grieving process and they help me to remember that MS hasn’t beat me. I choose to celebrate the anniversary of my diagnosis and the personal progress I continue to make each year with cake. “ Dear MS, I am not sure how long we have been together, but I have known your name for 2 years. It is easy to look at the things that you have taken, but today I choose to focus on what you have given me. You have given me answers. Before I knew your name I was afraid and confused. I had no explanation for what was happening with my body. Why my face was numb or why I felt drunk without alcohol. Knowing your name gave me hope for treatment and even some bizarre sense of peace. You gave me confidence I had never known was possible for me. You taught me how resilient and capable I really am. Because of you I know that I CAN overcome tough things. Because of you I know I am capable You have allowed me to meet incredible people I never would have crossed paths with otherwise. I have such an amazing community of fellow MSers because of you. You helped me to see how much the people in my life care about me and the lengths they are willing to go to support me. You provided an opportunity for me to be reminded of the love I have. MS, thank you for all of the opportunities you have given me. Because of you I was able to connect locally with my MS Society to raise money for MS support and research here in Canada. I have also been able to partner with an incredible organization shift.ms as an Ambassador. Shift helps to bring information and community to people with MS all around the world, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. MS, even though I never wanted you, I am grateful for the things you have brought me. For that, I choose to celebrate today.”