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Pseudo-relapse: Duration, and how to get over it

My neuro says I’m having a pseudo-relapse (no new lesions/inflammation on my MRI, experiencing old symptoms). It has been going on for over a month. Two questions: I keep reading that a pseudo-relapse usually resolves in 24 hours. Is it uncommon to have it go on for so long? Is it still called a pseudo-relapse? Any advice on what to do about it? I am resting a lot and things are slowly getting better, but it’s taking so long! And I am getting anxious that maybe this is me forever. I’d love to hear others’ experiences of pseudo-relapse. Thanks!

@Katherine_dT , pseudo-relapses are usually caused when our compromised immune systems are activated. So, it's when your body is fighting an infection or virus. Hence a pseudo-relapse should last until the underlying cause has been resolved. A blood test should determine whether you are fighting an infection. Was the MRI performed with contrast? This would highlight any MS activity. Although not all activity can be seen on an MRI.


The MRI was performed with contrast, and it showed no MS activity. These are all old symptoms. I hadn’t read before that a pseudo-relapse should last until the underlying cause has been resolved - I had a UTI that started after the symptoms started, but that seems to have gone away. I’ll get bloods done. Thanks for your help!