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UK Health Study

For those in the UK, there is a health study currently running that is open to all. It is called Our Future Health and aims to help improve the health of future generations. You just register online, fill out an online questionnaire and then book an appointment to have routine measurements taken as well as a blood sample taken. You get information on your blood pressure as well as your good and bad cholesterol levels there and then. Perhaps if enough people with MS take part, they may be able to diagnose and treat MS better in the future. Here’s the link: https://ourfuturehealth.org.uk

Do you know of any studies in the United States or do you know of some place that I can find out about studies in the United states?


@AudreyMay I think the National MS Society run studies in the USA. Here’s the link: https://www.nationalmssociety.org/Research/Participate-in-Research-Studies/Participate-in-Clinical-Trials