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Electric shocks

Just wondering if anybody has these types of feelings. I have since diagnosis 4 bouts of electric shock types feelings down from my right shoulder to my hands. I have never known pain like it. They knock me sick. I have just been finished from work as understandably I could be a danger to my self or others. This latest bout has lasted for 6 months, went away for two weeks and this Tuesday came back with vengeance. My job involved me taking out extremely hot trays. When I get one of these shocks if I am holding anything it ends up on the floor. Also I am fed up of falling asleep downstairs and not making it to my bed. I have a lovely bed. I am awake and the next thing I know it is the next day. I am fed up of it all. I haven’t seen my specialist for 30 months. Constantly being told due to COVID. His answer is just to give me more pain relief. Sorry for rant just tired.

@JulieEvans Hi have a read of the link below. It'll give you an explanation and maybe give you some tips on how to avoid it. htmstrust.org.uk/a-z/lhermittes-sign


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