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Supplements or food that help ms symptoms

Hello everyone, I’m looking for some insight on any supplements or foods that help ease or lessen your ms symptoms. For the past month I’ve been waking up each morning with very stiff hands..I’ve been so lucky in that I have had little to no symptoms since my first attack 7 years ago. Currently I incorporate ground flaxseed into my diet, turmeric tea, and magnesium. I also limit my dairy intake. Not sure if any of that helps, but if anyone has any suggestions for food or supplements that work for them I’d love to hear, thank you!!

I take vitamin D daily (needs to be a strong one) Turmeric, fish oil . I cut out dairy since July and have stopped getting pins and needles since. Hope that helps. X


Thank you for your reply! I’m so glad to hear your pins and needles have stopped! Oh yes VitD I knew there was something else I’m taking (but I ran out for a month) so wonder if that brought on my new stiffness.. back on it now 🤞