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Hi everyone!

Hi all! Im seven months into my diagnosis, and would love to get out and about and meet other MS’ers! I’m close to London so could travel into London :))) I’m 26, I was training to be a drama teacher when I got my first major relapse. I never went back but I passed under special circumstances! I now work very small hours in a pre school which is miles better than a secondary school I’ll tell ya! I try to remain a Bubbly soul despite my diagnosis! I love Tudor history, psychological thrillers and of course, the theatre! ☺️☺️🧡

Hi Jodie, good to meet you. I’ve had MS for 16 years. Would be cool to catch up. May be a chat on the phone first sometime? Have a good evening.


Hey, hi, hello and welcome to the shift 👋 if your interested in meet ups check out this post by @Yorete https://shift.ms/@Yorete/london-monthly-meet-up-22nd-april-2023-Vtp23i5HH44Pw2B2o4JE