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Do i contact ms nurse?

Hi, I was diagnosed rrms after 4yrs of symptoms last July. Im unsure of if and when to contact my ms nurse. Im currently experiencing intermittent sharp stabbing pains on left side of head ( had before, neurologist aware) its driving me mad and my doctor couldn't find anything. Its really ramped up today,making me flinch and I wonder if I should tell my ms nurse? I still don't really understand flare ups,symptoms or the difference and when I report things to ms nurse,please help. Thank you

I would call your MS nurse and let them decide if they need to step in and help. I go to the Hallamshire Hospital and they have a clinic that you can go to if you think that you are in relapse


I'm literally having the same thing but the right side!! I went to the GP first and then after a week of no improvement I contacted the ms team, they gave advice and wanted me to get checked for any infections and checked by GP again and the plan is now that if I'm still struggling in a week's time to contact ms team again x