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Hello newbie here haven’t been fully diagnosed yet but I’ve had a mri and lumber puncher and it’s definitely looking like ms, I’ve got an appointment with a ms nurse in November. Everyone keeps asking me how do I feel about it, I’m happy that I’ve got answers after my doctors wasn’t listening to me but I’m actually so scared, so Many things are going through my head 😭 Especially my kids, one whom has special needs and needs a lot of my one to one I’m scared that I’m not going to be able to cope and be a failure 😞

Hiya hunni, the feelings that you are having a totally normal. You going to have good and bad days, and people always telling you to keep positive. Try not to overthink, think about the present and your beautiful children. You WILL cope because of your kids and have even more strength because of this. Good luck, and sending you lots of love 💗 & hugs 🤗


Do you mind sharing what your symptoms were? My doctor won’t listen to me and continues to ignore my concerns.