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Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone. I got diagnosed with ms two weeks ago. Neurologist told me I had lesions on my brain and spine. I have no idea what type of ms I have or what will happen now! I keep reading about different treatments etc and I feel like I'm in limbo! Been told I will be referred to a ms nurse and that's it. Can anyone help me with what will come next? Thanks 😁

Hi Hev, It’s all scary now but you will find peace with it over time- especially once you know about your diagnosis. The only thing I would suggest is don’t wait to long for a response. The team I was with originally was bad and I waited months and months for any response, relapsing. Now I call twice a week at least if I need answers. Hope this helps x


Hi. Have you been given an appointment for the MS nurse? If not, chase them to get things going. This place is a great resource for information, tips, experiences etc but I’d speak to the nurse first. Everybody’s journey is so different, although there are a lot of crossovers/similarities with us all, they can also be very different. I’d just do a little bit of research, take it slow, definitely don’t google, get some questions together for your meeting with the nurse. Write them down so you don’t forget (I didn’t do that, and forgot nearly all of them). Oh, and be kind to yourself, it’s a lot and it takes some getting used to, don’t bottle it up