Just looking for some answers

I'm just here to vent a bit. I am not sure I have MS or not, I suspect it but I am only one person. I'm AFAB and I'm 26 years old. Summer 2021, I started to notice things in my vision moving. The walls and everything are constantly moving up and down or side to side. Then in October of 2021 I suddenly lost hearing on my ear, and the doctors I have seen do not know why and just blamed me for it. October was a really bad time where I had lots of pain and muscle weakness. I am doing better now except that my eyes are getting worse. I used to only get nystagmus when I was focusing and I was tired (since high school) but now if it's dark, it's basically happening every 3 seconds. I have other worries but these are definitely the more troublesome ones. I don't know if this sounds like MS I know everyone has different symptoms but I don't want to overreact either. I am here to listen to those who do live with the diagnosis. Thank you