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So I haven't officially been diagnosed by neurologist.. but for years I've experienced weird symptoms dizziness feet numb legs etc but they never last long this month I woke up thinking I fell asleep on my hand but it never woke up then the numbness and pain continued down my arm now my whole left side and right hand.. mom and husband forced me to er and after mri dr found lesions on brain and spine and says she suspect Ms. So am I stuck with this numbness this pain is awful is this a flare how long do they last I'm terrified can't see neurologist till till August any advice will be helpful

The flare ups can last different length of times for different people. Steroids can help with recovery (you will probably feel rubbish while on them though). Try not to get too stressed as this will probably make your symptoms worse - just focus on resting and recovering if you can. I have found the Overcoming MS programme helpful. Would recommend supplementing with high strength Vitamin D3 as this reduces inflammation of the nervous system (my neurologist recommended this when I had my first attack and I am currently on 4000IU a day). Sometimes I take paracetamol for pain but it isn’t the most effective for nerve pain (gabapentin or amitriptyline are commonly used but could make you sleepy).


@Kate13 thanks for that info they gave me Lyrica until I can get into neurological I'm miserable though