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Hello all I’m new to this page. I have had MS since December 2018 and had lemtrada in March 2019 was due my second lot in 2020 but due to covid it got cancelled and haven’t had to have any since until now. They have found new lesions on my brain and said I need more treatment so I’m thinking have the same again lemtrada as it worked really well last time but i would like to hear other people’s experiences with other drugs 🙂

Hello, I have tried copxone injections at the start of my diagnosis then ocrevus, which I am still on, No reactions to ocrevus it seems I tolerate it quite well, that's it so far


Stick with it , closest thing to a cure ,lots of succes stories., goodluck. Other dmt r good but they just plasters. Injections for life, Even mine (tysabri)Give yourself the best chance for your future (lemtrada) allthe way.