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True Funny Story

A few years ago,at the original family bakery in Herefordshire,we laughed till we cried at the outcome of a party held locally....It goes thus......The owner of a local village pub died suddenly,and her son and daughter took over and decided to carry on and expand the business.Cookie and Jane,we shall call them,bought some land next to the pub and enlarged the car park and bought a giant marquee for parties.Cookie came in to see us during the week,and asked if we would do a 50th anniversary cake,bread and 500 rolls for a big anniversary party.We agreed to make and deliver it all on the Saturday morning.The girls in the bakery cracked on with the cake and it all went to plan.The following Monday morning came,and Cookie came in to see us and pay his bills."You won"t believe this,Abz,talk about embarrassment",he said."The party was great,400 people and family.Then at 10,the compere put the lights up and stopped the music,and asked the old couple onto the little stage."Lets see how well you know each other after all these years",he said,and put headphones on the old lady and sat her down in the corner.He asked the old fella what colour knickers his wife had on,"pink",he replied.........loud cheering......then he asked the old fella whats her favourite love-making position....."me on top",he replied.......raucus cheering and laughter.........he then asked wheres the most unusual place they"d had sex....."oh blimey,on the tractor bonnet",said the old man.......wild screaming and laughter from the family and friends.Next thing,he got the old lady back on stage and took the headphones off."Now,Edna,lets see how well Percy knows you"..The compere asked what colour knickers she had on......"Pink",she replied.........loud cheering....then he asked her favourite sexual position...."oh dear,him on top I would say".....loud cheering and laughter....then she was asked where was the most unusual place she"d had sex...."I can"t tell you that",she screamed,"its embarrassing"....loud cheering and taunts and slow hand clapping from the family and friends...."Oh,ok then",she said nervously,"It was up the bottom".......stunned silence followed by raucus laughter.TRUE STORY.....XXX