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Best time for Avonex

I've been on Avonex since May and started off quite well but I am finding that it gives me awful sleeplessness as well as a fever and flu like symptoms. Ive been having my injection at around 8.30pm because the advice was to take it late and sleep through the worst of the side effects, but I'm not sleeping at all so feel like a zombie the next day. I wondered whether I need to move it earlier and what times you guys find best?

Hi @Frog2 . I've I've been on Avonex for five years and always done it right before I go to bed – I sometimes feel a fraction more groggy than average the next morning but generally find it suits me best. What I will say is that I found the side-effects really fluctuated for the first six months or so before settling right down – so it might be worth sticking with the schedule you're on and seeing if your sleeplessness improves? I hope it does – I've found Avonex really manageable and most weeks now I don't have any side-effects at all. The first few months while your body gets used to it are definitely a bit harder. Good luck x