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Newly diagnosed

Hi guys! I am new to the MS community. It all started last year 3 months after having my second baby. It started with legs going numb, then pins and needles, fatigue , slurred speech, tightness around stomach and like a vibration throughout body when I bend my head down. I had a emergency section on my baby and with Covid vaccine some of the symptoms were put down to those and being tired after having a newborn. By September I started having double vision and lost the sight in my eye temporarily due to Optic Neuritis and it was then I was told MS was a possibility. After months of MRIs, bloods etc I’m still having strange symptoms with no break. I work with young children with autism but on part time basis and having two young kids at home, I am desperate to find treatment to help. My sight came back after IV steroids. Some other symptoms I’ve had are itching, poor memory, mood swings, burning sensation in stomach ( I thought new car had heated seats 😂🙈) but the tightness and stiffness in legs and dominant hand at the moment are the most difficult as the nerves in finger tips feel almost gone and make it hard to do regular things like writing or changing a nappy. I have multiple lesions on brain and spine and have a cyst on my spine. Due back to neurologist next week to discuss everything and a treatment plan. Has anyone ever also had a cyst on spine? Sending hugs to you all. This journey is quite daunting but trying to stay positive 🙏🏼

I’ll be following! It seems like we have very similar symptoms. If you ever want to chat, send me a message! -Rick


Welcome @farmerswife - you sure have started off in the deep end with those symptoms eh? Its great that you're lined up for a treatment plan. if i had any advice its just give yourself time. That first year once treatment begins your symptoms will develop and be all over the place until things settle so take the time to know them and know yourself. We are all here to support you and cheer you on.