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Work stress causing neuropathic pain

Hi guys, Just venting a bit and need some advice about what I should do about work. I'm the head of a department at a company I love but about 3 months ago due to a load of staff leaving at the same time it's been a really stressful time. Pretty much instantly I started getting pains in my right leg - I used to get this if I stood up or walked about for long periods but now it's all the time, even when sitting. I've been taking Gabapentin to combat it and it works a bit but I can't take too much as it sends me doolally and I can't concentrate on work. Also to make things worse recently I've started to suffer from short term memory loss which obviously isn't ideal in a working situation. The staffing situation is now sorted and my work load is less but I still feel under stress and the pain is still there. It's almost like a barometer of my stress. Clearing up a bit on the weekend but come Monday morning like today its killing me! I'm the main breadwinner in our household and we're getting married next year as well as trying to buy a house. The plan was that we save and get some assets so that we're more secure if I go more downhill. But all the stress of working towards that goal IS making me go downhill. I'm not sure whether I should just carry on and work towards our future, have to deal with daily pain and potentially affect my long term health. Or maybe I should look for a less stressful job and deal with money issues later on. Any advice?