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Nerve pain treatment?

Hey lovely people! I’m on a lot of medication to manage my pain, it works in the sense that I absolutely notice the difference when I’m not on anything but at the same time I’m still in a lot of pain. I have the MS Hug around my back (bra strap area) and deal with daily headaches and fatigue. I’m on amitryptaline, gabapentin and valdoxan (for anxiety). I’m trying to look into what medical treatments could be good for my pain especially since it’s a lot to do with nerve damage, do any of you have suggestions to look into with my neuro/medical team? Jazz cabbage definitely helps and I’ve got another friend with a chronic illness who is going in for nerve ablation so would love to hear some of your experiences if any 🧡 thanks everyone

Hi I have terrible nerve pain and use cannabis which takes it off in seconds is cannabis legal in Australia? I have also taken CBD oil


Hi what do you think of the Gabapentin ?