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My thoughts πŸ’¬ on my life right now

MS really wreaks havoc, not only on the body, but on my life (at least in my case). Just doing normal things and tasks takes great strength, effort and focus (like walking, cleaning, taking a shower). And forget about making plans to do anything, because most times, a flare up or a dizzy spell or a bout of fatigue will ruin all that. πŸ˜” I sit back and watch others making "plans" for the future and I wonder what the future holds for me. And wonder, can I make plans? Can I create a new life? Can I still do something to make my life meaningful? I feel like much of what happens in my life currently is due to MS. It has the power; it has control; it makes the plans; it tells me what I can and can't do. I recently discovered that I'm grieving. And grieving a lot. And I feel powerless over what's going on in my body. I feel powerless over this illness. I feel powerless over doing the things that I want to do, but can't because I have MS. I'm hoping things will change once I start taking medication. Maybe these current symptoms will decrease enough that I can live my life more freely and am able to have a sense of power again to pursue the things that I want to do. Hope is what gets me by today. It's what keeps me from completely caving into my disease. It's what allows me to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep pressing on. HOPE = Hold On Pain Ends. This, too, shall pass. 🫢🏿

This thinkin may come in stages @DoritoLover22 . Now I want a few Doritos and new Lover.


I try to think of it as pain is weakness leaving the body so by the end I'm gonna be a freaking ninja assassin or something super cool .... in reality I seem to be having more bad days than good lately and realize my only goal I'm reaching this year is becoming a human potato lol Gentle hugs :)