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Well it’s been 3 years since my last relapse and now I feel I’m sinking into one again. Possible virus but no temperature, always a worry. I hate going into hibernation but more for my partner. I’ve had a great 3 years, Buckingham Palace and jumped 15,000 and raised £1700 for the MS trust and also I did a shout out for a pen pal abroad and I now have a friend in Canada who has RRMS herself. Hopefully it is a virus, we shall see.......positivity 😊

Hi. I know how you are feeling and I worry alot as well. Has anything change in your life like stress etc? It could be stress or even temp that has caused this. Try to rest when you can and hopefully it will go on it's own.


@diva40 , you're right to suspect a virus. Any infection is capable of bringing our MS symptoms to the fore. Rest up and see how you go. If things get worse, contact your MS Nurse to discuss.